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Created by Bzubko and Meep.

So, when I was working on my mod, I ran into several issues with needing gold. So, as a result, I made this mod to allow me to gain gold quickly without a struggle. As for getting the money, all you have to do is drop the "Money" item into the field. It is located under bombs and is capable of being thrown at incredibly high velocities. But use this item at your own risk as it is notorious for breaking physics (which was a bug I decided not to patch out because it is funny) and has the tendency to corrupt actors holding it into a ticking time bomb of instability.

-This mod's primary intention is to cause hilarious events to take place and is no way intended for vanilla use.
-This mod was not really a main focus of mine and as a result, it is not exactly a work of art.
-This mod was designed purely by myself, and any correlation to any other mod is not intentional.

-Look, I am aware there is a somewhat similar mod known as "Gold Industries" I would like you, fellow Cortex Command player to understand, my mod was never made to "copy" anyone, I would also like to say, after reviewing the "Gold Industries" mod, I can tell you the point of my mod is consistently being missed. It is a tool I use when working on my main mod so I wouldn't have to use the command, and took little to no effort to make. I was playing with settings, and the physics were funny, so I posted it for some friends to access. If it is really that big of a problem, I can just change the sprite and icon and surely no one would accuse me of idea theft. All I did was reverse the gold and weight values to negative, it is not that big of a deal. So let it be known, the main point is that it causes hilarious physics glitches and can be bought for negative gold as a mere side-effect.

ONE MORE EDIT: I have spoken with the creator of "Gold Industries" and we have made an agreement, and we are now on good terms.


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