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Published by Robeartato (mod ID: 1061673)


This mod, by Areku , stands on the shoulders of giants.

Converted from the one available on the workshop Link To Steam

Some minor bloat has added due to missing sound files in Base.rte


- Six unique Actors total;

- Two Pilotable mechsuits: Actors that need to be "driven" by another to be controlled;

- A Strong Burst fire Rifle and a SMG with a ricochet mechanic;

- Fire options and Perks on most weapons;

- Sound effects from real Apollo astronauts;

- All of the above in one faction;

- Extras and a full-length, picture-based manual(In the .rte);

And other kewl stuffz.

To pilot a mechsuit stand over it with a non-mech actor and switch their AI to gold dig. If it's not working try tapping your pie menu key again while overlapping the torso of the mech.

You can give them guns as you would for any other actor in the build phase, but you won't be able to move a mech unless there's a actor in it.

When the suit is destroyed, the actor piloting it usually ejects safely from the suit. If you crush a mech you will likely crush the actor inside aswell.

CREDITS (taken from the thread)
Areku - for the original idea and most all of the coding;

NaXX - The creative genius behind this, and maker of 99% of the spritework; (Huge props for him!)

Gotcha! - For some super-useful extra spriting/coding;

Geti - For his amazing laser aim script;

Kyred - For the equally amazing particle accelerator script;

Numgun - For the comments which made Kyred's script understandable ( :P );

Grif - For the oh-so-incredibly-useful LengthDir functions;

Mail2345, TheLastBanana, LowestFormOfWit and CaveCricket48 - For useful .lua support;

Petethegoat - For fixing unit description background and providing me with a free image host;

Dolphin from Pixiv - For the promotional poster that opens up this thread; (lol check the .rte for this)

The Trigun Series - For the motto which I so shamelessly ripped;

Lee Myoung-jin - For the small skill/trait icons;

NASA - For (obviously) the Apollo space program;

DaTa & Prom - For the unbelievably awesome game that CC is;


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