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NBunkers: More Premade Bunkers for Cortex Command Community Project

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This is a conversion and extension of a bunker pack I posted on Steam in 2020. It contains a total of 11 scenes, including 2 newly added ones. The scenes were originally made for defense scenario battles, but all have been upgraded with Bunker Breach functionality. Note that as part of this upgrade, all doors and craft included in the scenes have been changed to team 2; it is advised to put yourself on team 2 when defending.

Without further ado, the maps:

--Camp Intrepid:
A small, lonely outpost marks a claim on a rich patch of desert. On the frontier, small fortifications like this are common; beneath the relatively civilized marketplace of the Tradestar, armed conflict is a routine part of doing business. Defenders have good lines of sight across the sand, but there is little room for very many troops and any attacker that gains entry is perilously close to the brain vault.

--Command Bunker Charlie:
A squat building sits in an otherwise uninteresting grassland. While the area itself is poor in gold, it is an ideal location from which to coordinate a number of other mining operations. Attackers looking to disrupt the competition will discover that the bunker, while it has basic defensive features and an armored roof, provides few suitable positions for defenders.

--Gamma Site:
A camouflaged base of secretive intentions has been built into a mountain. Unusual snowfall has buried all of the entrances save for a rooftop hangar accessible only by a challenging rocket descent. However, it doesn't take much creativity for someone with a digger to uncover new avenues of attack.

--Grafton Tower:
This tall but spindly tower was built just before the Midas gold rush as a command center for remote-controlled mining operations across the entire region. Due to the many militant factions now vying for control, the extremely valuable facility is at high risk, especially considering that it lacks any adequate brain vault.

--Moira's Mines:
This open pit mine was built to extract a particularly rich vein of neodymium, vital for many technologies. Though that ore is now depleted, some gold has been detected below, ensuring that the location remains valuable. As the mine was never intended as a fortress, defenders will find that cover is scarce.

--Ophelia's Tomb:
Possibly the most overengineered defensive structure ever built, this bunker was created by a trading billionaire who was paranoid that her relatives would try to kill her to steal her fortune. Ironically, by the time she died (of an aneurysm), there was very little money left to steal.

--Project Hephaestus:
This facility is the beginning of an ambitious project to tap the energy of the planet's mantle through colossal boreholes. The bunker complex, built into the future foundation of the planned power plant and accessible only via the boreholes, supports the construction work as a command center and warehouse for the concrete slabs that make up the borehole walls. As many would rather take than build, it is considered a high-risk area.

--Scarlet Canyon:
Two identical forts guard either side of this box canyon. No one is entirely sure why they're here, but anyone who takes one wants to capture the other.

--Smuggler's Cave:
Though generally unpleasant to live in, this cave sports an opening just barely large enough for a dropship to slip in and out. This feature makes it attractive to those who do not wish to pay Tradestar Midas's taxes. With some modifications, the cave has become a decently defensible position, as well.

--Temple to Kazaaakpleth Kilik:
Kazaaakpleth Kilik, better known as the Robo-Pope, infamously led an army of cyborg religious fanatics on Earth as a demigod figure. Though he was defeated, at great cost, some of his followers fled to remote worlds to continue their worship in secret and dream of vengeance. This temple is one of their more impressive accomplishments, but it was abandoned for unknown reasons long before the Tradestar arrived.

--Zekarra Airbase:
It's not always economical to bring dropships and rockets all the way back to orbit. A powerful faction built this base to service its many craft. Its strategic value makes it a tempting target, and defenders will be hard-pressed to cover the wide area. They also have a choice: evacuate the craft to orbit, or use them as missiles against the enemy troops?



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