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Mecury Incorporated



--- Soldiers ---

Soldier Elite - "Elite Coalition soldier with telescopic armor, powerful jetpack, night-vision device, and durable helmet with beautiful coloring. This things are very expensive, but it's worth it. In addition, these clones are pretty endurance and quick."
Universal Soldier. Strong armor perfectly protects them, and incredibly powerful jetpack allows them to fly even with two gatlings.

Soldier Rocketman - "Anti-Air trooper with Rocket Launcher on back. Powerful rockets are flying not too fast but has an advanced guidance system that makes the soldier an excellent for AA defense of your base, but this soldier is not very maneuverable."
Initially rocket launcher discharged. To reload, select the appropriate point in Pie-Menu. This will require a little time and your 10 gold. To fire, press FIRE! in the same menu, and before it can bend down or lie on the ground for more accurate shots, because the rocket directs at any enemy.

--- Weapons Warehouse ---

Missile Pistol - "Love missiles but missile launchers too heavy for you? Then this little pistol for you!"

Assault Carabin - "Universal weapon, has excellent stopping power, automatic mode, and it quite cheap."

Battle Rifle - "The perfect weapon, dream of any Coalition soldier. Delightful firepower, accurate, and good rate of fire, this is all in one gun."

Assault Cannon - "Smaller version of the Auto Cannon. This weapon is lighter but maintains the firepower of his older brother, so with it you can maneuver quickly without significant loss of fire."

Tactical-GL - "Tactical grenade launcher with four types of grenades: Impact detonation grenades, Bounce and timed detonation grenades, Mines grenades*, and grenade-shotgun shells."
*Mines grenades detonate when sense motion nearby and after 15 seconds. Designed for short ambushes or cover the retreat.

--- Tools Warehouse ---

Battle Binoculars - "Coalition improved binoculars, an excellent tool to monitor the battlefield!"

Battle Kit - "The military medical kit for the Coalition troops. This box has a curative fluid, like in which growns clones, may very well improve your health, and in this kit has some patches for repair military clothing and kevlar."

Metal Cutter - "A powerful directed action digger, produced for the Coalition needs. Of course, the primary task is break walls of bunkers for assault, and removing metal foam, since this not a gold digging tool."

Metal Foam Sprayer - "Construction never been so easy! With this tool you can quickly patch up the hole in the wall, or even any hole. And do not forget that metal foam is not concrete, its very heavy to digging, and has good resistance to bullets."

Mine Stacker - "Device for rapid placing mines. Good thing for each military sapper."

Cluster Bomb - "Sticky cluster bomb. Explodes after 5 seconds, and scatters 8 mini sticky bombs which then explode too."

Termite Grenade - "Special grenade for breaching holes in bunkers, using a very hot termite. We hope you know that this can only burn a horizontal surface."

Defensive Shield - "Reliable shield for defense. That's right, sometimes you need to defense, not always go to assault."


--- Nanorobots ---

White Assassin - "Heavy robot which has just get out from Techion secret laboratories. The main strength of Hercules - nanobots module, that can quickly repair all damage and then be ready to fight. But do not forget that if Hercules against you, you must kill him quickly."

Hercules - "Special spy robot with new nano-technology. He has a minimum armor, but it not important when you have a nano camouflage! A special coating of the nanites can jamming signals, so you can pretend any enemy team, go through line of defense and kill the commander. But nano camouflage turns off when you open fire, and you can't be masked for about 10 seconds."
You can disguise through pie-menu, press several times to mask any team and safely fly, walk, and even talk and drink coffee with the enemy, but you will be de-masked when trying to open fire or throw grenades. Also be aware that your team can not understand you if you are disguised, and they are likely to open fire on you.

--- Nano Weaponry ---

Omega Pulsar - "A real .357 laser handgun, if the laser would have a caliber, also has a more powerful battery, and moreover, it can self-charging. But a rate of fire of this powerful gun pretty low."

Elite Pulsar Rifle - "Lightweight fast-firing pulsar rifle with scope. Nothing more to add."

Nucelo Alfa - "It shoots a plasma "missiles", but they are not homing and fly faster. The weapon* also has 12 charges and lighter weight."
*This weapon compares with a Nucleo Swarm.

Nanoswarm Cannon - "Nanoswarm grenade launcher with bounce grenades* full of nanobots, can firing far and has a system of trajectory assistance."
*Grenades bounce strongly. Excellent fit for battle in the bunker.

Nanogun - "You no longer like Miniguns? It's time to try Nanogun! Slow rate of fire, accuracy is not best, a small magazine, but damn, this gun shoots a nano-bullets!*"
*Like Nanorifle bullets.

Nucleo Launcher - "The devastating plasma weapon, used as an artillery gun. The only drawback is long recharge time and time to create a stable plasma sphere."

--- Nano Tools ---

Nucleo Scanner - "Powerful scanner using high-tech of Techions."

Portal Tool - "A more experimental device, to create a portals! We could read all four volumes of books a principles of action, but "Opirture Science" forbade us to do so. Therefore, a brief guide: create entry and exit portals, go to the entrance and find yourself in the output. Portals are stable for 30 seconds, and to close the portal device emits -CENSOR- and portals are closes. Under certain conditions, it can be used as a weapon or a tool to interfere the movement of enemy."
Portals can be set by different actors in different teams, but there will always be connected, that is, if someone creates the entrance, and you create exit, then to you can come uninvited guests. It is also possible that one actor can create an entrance somewhere near the entrance to the bunker, and the other in the depths of the bunker, and then you can just land a troops at the entrance portal. You can also close and the enemy portals.

Shield Tool - "Experimental device of Techions. It can create impenetrable energy shield for a short period of time. You also need time to recharge the generator."
*Stops 94% of known shells and bullets. Does not let the enemy.

Nano Aerosol - "Expensive medical aerosol. Its use small nanobots that can very slowly heal wounds.*.
*And heal health. Aim at the desired patient, or on you feet for yourself.

Nucleo Grenade - "Beautiful chromed grenade, in the explosion releases 4 plasma ball. Very effective in the bunker-battles."

Warp Bomb - "Special bomb, with warp technology. Upon detonation, nearest enemies will teleport to bomb location, and there will be waiting for your ambush. You make ambush there, right?"

Pulsar Shield - "A small device that can create a stable energy shield. Very light weight compared to other shields on the market, but also has a certain limit of hits, after which can not be repaired."


--- Machinarium ---

Butcher Robot - "Unusual robot model of Imperatus, this machine knows humans anatomy, and apparently decided to try wear bag with meat, previously gutted all superfluous. A terrible sight. But it gives additional protection, and the Ronin soldiers afraid this robots."
The robot has a deactivate function. If you are severely injured and not want that enemy mocked at you, just turn off self in Pie-Menu.

Guardian Robot - "Very heavy robot with multiple layers of armor has created for one purpose - defend. He had no jetpack, only armor. Many lot of armor. If your bunker will protect these robots, hell yeah, your bunker will be a impregnable fortress."
It can serve as a weapons platform, like a turret on the legs. Do not be afraid to provide them with several weapons including the secondary.

--- Weaponarium ---

Chaos SMG-61 - "Rapid submachine gun, a very reliable and durable for its kind, is also excellent fit in one hand."

Smasher HR-20 - "Best heavy rifle for thugs. Big caliber is perfect for shooting armored targets and soft bags with meat. And we talked about the assault sight and the ability to shoot shotgun buckshots?"

Avenger FC-08 - "Four-barreled grenade launcher, can shoots rusty grenades that stick to enemies and explode after some time, or shoot like a powerful shotgun."
Selecting the shooting mode to the Pie-Menu.

Ironfist LMG-9 - "Rapid-firing machinegun with a large drum magazine, a great tool for that enemies quickly hid in trenches and afraid to raise his head. However, when you run out of ammo, you better hide, because reload pretty long."

Thunder GC-9000 - "The powerful gun with Gauss technology. This cannon uses electricity to accelerate a projectile to huge speeds, but before every shot you need time to charge the coils. In a direct hit the target is rarely survives."

Beast RL-72 - "Good rocket launcher, which can be used as an artillery gun. Rockets in explosion scatter a lot of deadly fragments that can fly for a long time."

--- Toolsarium ---

Valve RK-3 - "Repair kit with a strange name. Who will understand these damn robots. It contains different parts and details, only suitable for Imperatus robots."
Restores 10 HP and 40 repair damage (wounds). Only for Imperatus robots.

Worm MD-43 - "Cheap steel drill for miner's work, but it can also dig enemies."

Hacker HT-8 - "A small device that can block the movement, firing, and guidance systems in turrets and other crab-tanks for few seconds."

Bolt FG-03 - "Old fragmentation grenade, a little bit heavy, but its still may well explode."

Shrapnel Rain SB-51 - "Heavy, powerful bomb with a large number of shrapnel which scatters at a high speed and at long distance. You can blow up it outdoor and see a rain. Shrapnel Rain!"

Wall HSS-40 - "Incredibly heavy steel shield, able to withstand a large number of hits. Yeah, sometimes the best defense - is a thick layer of steel."


--- Infantry ---

Ronin Veteran - "Veterans have seen many battles. Scars and injuries left for all life, but all is not so bad when you give pension in tobacco, and berets store gives discount 67%. But it's time to fight back! Insert into your leg prosthes disposable medical injector, grab your favorite gun and go to glory!"
With a low level of health, medical disposable injector is activated, which instantly heal health and wounds.

Ronin Engineer - "Engineers, it is very helpful guys! They always wear their favorite glasses, helmet and a backpack with tools and mini-jetpack. Collect weapons and tools from battlefield, disassemble them to get metal! Heavier items, have more useful parts and metal. You can repair weapon for you or for you comrades, make a grenade or a signal jammer, create a simple suicide robot, or even build autonomous turret!"
The maximum amount of the metal - 100 units. Heavy things give more metal. Repair cost depends on the weight of weapon, not to the degree of breakage. To create a simple grenade you need 10 metal. Signal Jammer - 35. Ball Kamikaze - 60. Automatic turret requires all your metal.

--- Arsenal ---

Stechkin - "Russian automatic pistol. Shoot fast and pretty accurately. Limited edition! Hurry buy!"

HK MP5A3 SD - "Credible sub-machine gun with integrated silencer. What could be better for stealth operations?"

USAS-12 - "Rapid-fire automatic shotgun. It can turn a boring shooting in a real thriller!"

FN SCAR-L - "Excellent weapon for any combat conditions. Has special handle and a good assault scope for better accuracy."

Colt M4 M203 - "Carabiner, created in the United States for special operations. Weapons perfectly kill terrorists or may neutralize bombs, by killing one who holds it. In this also help a underbarrel grenade launcher M203."

Grenade Crossbow - "This crossbow can shoots Stick grenades like arrows, very accurately and on far distances."

Steyr HS .50 - "Austrian single shot large-caliber heavy sniper rifle, designed to kill the enemy snipers and lightly armored enemy, a deadly weapon in the hands of an experienced sniper. It is also equipped with optical sight and bipod, so shooting from a prone position much more effeciency."

-- Tools ---

Desert Binoculars - "The usual binoculars with desert camouflage. Now you can see your enemies from afar."

Medical Kit - "This kit contains bandages, some pills, syringe with something, it looks like morphine or cyanide, we not exactly sure. Anyway, this medkit always save Ronins ass."
Restores 40 HP and heal 10 wounds. Only for Ronin soldiers.

Little Gunsmith Kit - "Children set with small tools, parts, and other things to create their first weapon, and try himself as a gunsmith. And nobody knows what details there and what kind of weapons you can create!"
You will receive a random weapon. Use if you do not know what to choose.

Mine Detector - "A simple device to search and disarm a mines. To demining you should be very close to mine."

Dynamite - "Explosive, based on nitroglycerin with absorber and other additives. Dangerous and inconvenient for use, but cheap and fun."

Smart Grenade - "Special grenade, which can sometimes surprise you by they intelligence. Anyway, a grenade really does its job, and even can play with you in chess."
The grenade will try to detonated near to enemy, and if owner is near or there no near enemies it does not explode, deactivated, and it will be possible to pick up again.

Tactical Shield - "Steel shield. Just a steel shield. 79 % of iron and tin, 20 % of steel, and 1 % of love."


--- Robotics ---

Dummy Medic - "Standart dummy, painted white, and with medical field generator. Energy is recovered very slowly by itself, and during activation is consumed fast. Do not turn on the field when the near nobody to treat, also, the field turned off itself when closest ally are healthy or leave the range of work."
Field will treats only one member in the group, and when he is healthy or left radius, turns off, even if in group left injured, and you may have turn it again. You can not heal yourselves, but the same friend medic correct it.

Dummy Ironclad - "Fat and armored dummy, has several layers of plastic armor, little more powerful jetpack, and good resistance to blast and falls. For enemy will also be surprise when he finds that all you important system transferred to the torso."

--- Stocks of Weapons ---

Scouting Carabin - "Very light carabine with a large magazine, can be used as a primary or secondary weapon."

Assault Nailer - "The standard model of the Dummy assault nailgun. Not the best accuracy, but a lot of nails in your enemies guaranteed."

Perforator - "Reliable gun that make enemy again sure that nails can be dangerous. This weapon shoots large nails at high speed, and caused great damage to enemy."

Rail Rifle - "Improved rail gun technology allows bullet from this weapon to achieve incredible speeds. The light weight of this weapon also allows you to quickly retreat."

Slayer Cannon - "A smaller version of the Destroyer Cannon, you can fire a 5 bolts of fast moving energy that tear enemy on impact, but do not forget the energy bolts are too unstable and doesn't fly too far."

Turbo Launcher - "Light missile launcher, which fires special turbo missiles. In seconds after launch, the missile with a kinetic warhead activates turbo mode, so it very quickly gaining terrific speed."

--- Stocks of Tools ---

Plastic Kit - "A small kit with a liquid plastic which can repair Dummy robots."
Restores 25 HP and heal 20 wounds. Only for Dummy robots.

Turbo Extinguisher- "A small fire extinguisher to put out the fire quickly. You know how all enemies are like burning Dummies, so this thing for every good robot."

Energy Inhibitor - "Device for energy protection, that just quickly dissipates energy that fly in you. When activated, it can protect against energy weapons of Dummy and Techions."
It dispels any energy, including weapons of your allies, so it's best to give them non-energy weapons, if you want benefit to squad.

Nail Grenade - "Dummy always liked nails, and grenade with them is another method to delivery deadly hot nails into your enemy."

Annihiliator Bomb - "Very powerful energy bomb. You will have little time after activation, and a little time when energy ball is destabilized."

Plastic Shield - "Lightweight and cheap plastic shield, most likely created from broken Dummies. Not very strong, but it's better than nothing."


--- Mercenaries ---

Browncoat Shock Trooper - "Support trooper for assault operations. Equipment transmitter antenna, that uses energy for emitting different signals, which act on the middle distance. There are 3 types: Door Hack Signal, Electromagnetic Impulse, and Jamming Signal."
The maximum energy level - 100. Recovery rate - medium. Door Hack Signal will cause nearest enemy door to serve your team, requires 20 energy. Electromagnetic Impulse will cause damage (including death) to the robots, machinery, and other iron creatures, but also acts on your allied robots, and requires 50 energy. Signal Jammer interrupt signal of enemy brain to controlled bodies, making them helpless for 10 seconds, it requires 80 energy. The signals do not act on the brain commanders.

Browncoat Space Soldier - "Space soldier with a new gravity backpack, which allows reduce gravity to the owner, and jump higher or even fly. Special suit with beautiful blue color very well protects from falls and explosions, but not as well protected from bullets."

--- Firearms ---

AR-17 Punisher - "An early version of Browncoats assault rifle. Shoot a small caliber, but faster and more accurately to other rifle."
*This weapon is compared with the AR-25 Hammerfist.

SG-49 Skull Crusher - "Very powerful heavy shotgun. Accuracy is very bad, but bullets can fly far and cause serious damage. "Meatshots" incredibly destructive."

FBL-90 Sunrise - "Hand-held fireball launcher is dangerous weapon. The ball are fly far, and if it hit enemy, will cause him to visit the hospital burn department. If survives. Ha!"

ISR-032 Flamedust - "One of the best, if not the best sniper rifle. After all, who does not like heavy incendiary bullets? We should only warn you about a low fire rate of this weapon."

MG-300 Jumbo - "Heavy minigun, has a wonderful quality of work by gunsmiths. Big magazine for 100 heavy bullets very quickly ends, however, this is enough to kill big enemy group."

--- Toolsarms ---

MI-61 Overdose - "Reusable adrenaline injector, in addition to the adrenaline, it includes a bunch of other drugs. You can heal big amount of health, and even take overdose. Also, only Browncoats have have slots on the wrist for injection."
Reusable. Hold as much as you want to cure. Treats up to 50 HP, will not heal the wounds. Only for Browncoats.

CS-5 Woodchopper - "Good tool for working with wood, but we know that you will do with it."

FD-145 Burner - "Compact flamethrower-digger. Special fuel very well burns dirt, grass, ugly faces, and stone."

Bullet Bomb - "Simple grenade, in which instead fragments, has bullets. Cruelly and cheap."

Hell Bomb - "Incendiary bomb, there is nothing better to clean the bunker from unwanted neighbors. It quite heavy, and throw it far will be not easy."

AS-42 Storm - "Strong shield with good quality. However, it is quite heavy.


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