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Published by JustAlex:/ (mod ID: 1616000)


"The planetary militias and resistance of the astral body sieged by TradeStar. They may be poorly equipped and trained but they will fight to the last man. As a result of the siege, they are radically anti-cortex control of vat grown bodies. They also strongly dislike anything that is not human. Or that is not them, actually."

The Loyalists Militias, originally made by OliveD, uploaded to the Steam Workshop by Edward Nigma, converted fo the CCCP by Stee_Boi and now revamped and brought to modern day standards by myself.

New in 0.10, the PRE-4 port and improvements:

  • -> New vehicle: The Armored Car.
  • -> Reworked how vehicles work through Lua: WARNING: Code is very experimental and a proof of concept of what may come in the future. The vehicles will get stuck and might behave weirdly at times, but be assured that they work about 80% of the time.
  • -> 2 Special actors: The Balloon Pilot, that comes with the Air Balloon to protect its decent; and the Tanker, who pilots the tank and comes out when it's destroyed.
  • -> A few extra weapons and devices.
  • -> 3 new shantytowns. More house prefabs and some new trench bits.

After half a year of improving and expanding the original mod, now I present to you the Loyalists Expanded & Enhaced EARLY ACCESS Edition:tm:, with a lot of new additions and improvements made

Some of the new features added include:

  • -> Crappy jetpacks that explode after prolonged use. Thank god these guys cost 20 oz.
  • -> A lot more crappy (And a very few non-crappy) weapons, explosives and tools.
  • -> Proper bayonet mode switching for some guns
  • -> A speed and perceptiveness increasing morale system
  • -> Animated melee weapons (A bit simple but they work)
  • -> New tunnel system to create themed "Bunkers" for the Loyalists (Vaguely inspired by the DIRT mod)
  • -> 2 prefab scenes using both tunnels and house modules for you to play around with (Not yet in Bunker breach/Siege tho)
  • -> Also full UL2/VW compatibility. Now you can bayonet charge your enemies in SPACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

NOTE: I've made all the necessary additions, changes and removals I saw fit in order to make this faction more fun to play and less 2012 janky, while also trying to not steer too far off the original creator's idea. If you feel like some things deviate too much from said original idea, let me know. I can't promise I will revert it to the original form, but maybe we can find a good middleground somewhere.

NOTE 2: Go to Base.rte/Settings.ini and search for "RecommendedMOIDCount". Change the value to something like 720 - 900. This will stop units from dying in wave defense after you put too many. And trust me, when defending with the Loyalists, you'll need many.

Recommended things to do in order to achieve victory:

  • -> This faction relies heavily in spam, and massing big armies. Morale works the same. There's a maximum of about 12 notches of morale, and trying to max it out is crucial in winning, as it makes your armies charge quickly into the frey where their predecesors died.
  • -> When defending, Tanks are your best friend.
  • -> Storm weapons are very strong, and can easily kill even the most armored units. Mind the overheat of course.
  • -> Don't bother with using the buy menu manually unless you want something specific. Spam the hell out of the Loadouts and create large armies; I've tried making them as versatile as possible:
    • Default is good to fill gaps/increase army mass.
    • Light is a mini army in one. Perfect for assaulting.
    • Heavy has stronk weapons and is good for extra firepower. The armored Vehicle is a small bonus to assaults.
    • CQB has close-quarters weaponry and should be the ones on front of the army
    • Sniper and Grenadier are more "specialist" Loadouts.
    • Mecha is great as a defensive roadblock thanks to the Tank
    • Turret is also great for defense both inside and outside bunkers.

Things to come for the future: I'm gonna try and add as many things as I can from the original creator plans + some of mine.

  • -> Zeppelin craft
  • -> Crew operated mortars/artillery and the like.
  • -> More scenery stuff (Planning on making more houses and IRL Maginot-esque bunker modules)


  • Why early access, even after pre-4?
    • Because I'm a Monkey that would rather implement new stuff than be bored doing gibs and revamping sounds. After a short break from porting and fixing stuff for pre-4, I'll update the full release that will have better gibs, more heads (probably), and more distinct sounds between each gun.
  • How do I use bayonet?
    • There's a description on how to use it in the descriptions of the guns that can have a bayonet, but in summary: B to attach/detach bayonet, and V to switch from firing mode to bayonet mode
  • Bandages look weird.
    • Look at the first question and you should know why. Let me have a break ;-;
  • Vehicles behave strangely
    • Their scripts are very experimental. While they do work most of the time, they aren't perfect by a long shot. I'll try to improve the script update to update until I create a good vehicle framework
  • Walkpaths aren't that smooth
    • The new smooth walkpaths don't do well with fast moving actors like the Loyalists. 'till I can make some that do work, I've reverted them to the old ones.

As always, any feedback is appreciated. Do remember that this is the EARLY ACCESS version, and some things are missing or still stuck in 2012 with its jankiness. Also also, it's me who we are talking about. Chances are I've left something broken/badly in the release, so be on the lookout for that.

Last Update: 18/03/2022 9:58 V0.10.4 Pre-4 Port Bugfix









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Poplegos @poplegos

what counter factions would you suggest?

EdwardNigma @edwardnigma

I haven't played Cortex Command for years, but I did again (however briefly) to try this.

Solid additions, man.

thatstarwarsfan1 @thatstarwarsfan1

Okay but maybe just make the jetpacks inferior and not explode... the ai doesn't know how to moderate their usage so they always explode

CreaosisSquared @creaosissquared

Loyalists randomly explode when using their jetpacks - is this a feature? It makes void wanderers nigh impossible as you'll lose all your early bodies to shoddy jetpack accidents

JustAlex:/ @justalex

It is indeed a feature. Don't overdo their jetpacks or they will explode (notice the smoke that comes out of them). That and make sure to use their dirt sprayer for bigger gaps.

nick! @nick34

finally, they can climb mountains :)

Stale_Rice @stale-rice

This is an amazing rework! I still can't believe how even better these guys are now after having played the original.

Eagle_01 @eagle-01

this is awesome! nice work.

GrillGamer1599011557 @grillgamer1599011557

you've done a great job I'm loving these guys

sgtpockets @sgtpockets

This is a great remake, they are actually playable now lol! Well done!

ToxicG @toxicg

a great remaster of the Loyalists mod. i like that you made the storm guns overheat instead of keeping their random explosion mechanic. can't wait for updates!

wero1639835370 @wero1639835370

hey i'm having problems starting the game when i use this can , and i don't know if it is something i'm doing wrong or is it something from the mod ?

JustAlex:/ @justalex

On what version of CC are you on? This mod only works for the Pre-3 version of the CCCP.
If ou don't have the Pre-3 you can get it here:

wero1639835370 @wero1639835370

yes I have the latest version of CCCP, however the mod does not work and opens the command window.

JustAlex:/ @justalex

Send me the console contents thru Discord and we'll continue there
Just Alex ;/#6813

wero1639835370 @wero1639835370