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A CCCP conversion of my favourite mod, developed by OliveD, uploaded onto the steam workshop by Edward Nigma, and converted for CCCP by myself.

For those who are familiar with the mod and its tank bug, I have applied the fix provided by Arkman from the Data Realms Fan Forums. The tank shouldn't take the game down with it when it dies anymore :)

Here is the description as provided by Edward Nigma in his steam workshop upload:

I did not make this, but the creator hasn't logged on to the Data Realm mod forum for well over a year. I am placing it here, as it is one of my favourite mods. If the owner, OliveD, would like me to remove this, then send me a message or friend request and I will. I also can not update or change anything, since I don't really know much about modding. If you want to help with that, read the todo list at the bottom and tell me. We can build the glory of the loyalists together. Might be I will actually learn how to do stuff and add some onto it. Maybe. Now, to the actual decription.

"The planetary militias and resistance of the astral body sieged by TradeStar. They may be poorly equipped and trained but they will fight to the last man. As a result of the siege, they are radically anti-cortex control of vat grown bodies. They also strongly dislike anything that is not human. Or that is not them, actually."

If you want to play a challenging/piss weak faction, go no further, you've found it. If you want an overpowered as all hell faction, I'd recommend the imperium of man mod. The Loyalists are not an overpowered faction, they are weak dudes with some crappy guns. The morons can't even jump. But they are cheap, and can be bought with weapons already. The loyalists also have their own scenery, little houses and trenches.

-Actors- (None of them can jump or have jetpacks. Concrete sprayer is your best friend.)

Militia: can take about 2 shots before he is dead.

Armoured Militia: Armoured on the front, heavy and will probably explode if he falls a short fall. The armour guys didn't think of armouring the back though.

Militia officer: Despite what the description says, they are exactly the same as a normal militia, but with a fancy hat!

Militia commissar: Same as the officer, but with an even fancier hat AND a moustache!

Militia general: The Loyalist brain unit. Definitely not a brain bot. The loyalists are not at all secretly being controlled and used as free, expendable manpower. Naysayers will be shot.

Loyalist tank: It's a tank! Can't take huge amounts of punishment though, so get some dudes with it. Or more tanks. It used to have a machine gun but the ship delivering the parts for them crashed repeatedly and it took like 2 or 3 years for someone to bother telling the Loyalists at all.


Loyalist drop crate: Crate goes down and then it opens when it hits the ground. Contrary to the description, your men will not explode upon impact.

Loyalist parachute crate: Same as the drop crate, but with a parachute that you can steer slightly.

Loyalist air balloon: A hot air balloon that is pretty cool. The first unit in it can also shoot out of it and stuff. A bit hard to use and control however.


Militia rifle: A bolt action rifle. Holds five rounds. Not super effective, but in a group, it's pretty effective.

Milita bayonet rifle: Exactly the same as the normal rifle, but with a bayonet that can be used through the pie menu.

Militia snipers rifle: "We put a scope on it!" Has somewhat long range, but apart from that, it's the same as the normal rifle.

Militia battle rifle: An upgrade to the normal rifle, this one is semi-automatic! Slower to reload than the normal rifle, however.

Militia machinegun: Holds 50 rounds. Not incredibly damaging, but being automatic, it is pretty useful.

Militia flamethrower: Make some LOYALIST toast. Or burn your enemies, whatever floats your boat. The fire particles stick to the actors and then slowly drains their health. It can be a bit laggy.

Militia plasma rifle: A rifle that shoots bolts of blasma energy after a bit of warm up time. Can eat through materials and what not. It's a pretty good weapon, except...well, it's sort of "experimental" see, and it might occasionally blow up in your hands and kill you.

Militia plasma pistol: A pistol version of the rifle, with a smaller magazine and less warm up.

Milita plasma machinegun: A machine gun version of the plasma rifle, obviously. More warm up, more ammo, shoots faster and is more likely to make you explode.

Loyalist flag: Serves no purpose, but it's animated and pretty. Give it to your men for dramatic effect.

Obrez: A cut down milita rifle. It shoots about 1 foot in front of you. Pretty useless, but bloody powerful if you can hit someone with it. Practically a melee weapon.

Obrez launcher: Basically the same as the obrez, but shoots a grenade (That may or may not explode) and can actually shoot far. Good for playing Russian Roulette with yourself.

Flintlock: Cheap rifle and not that great. But it also has a bayonet version.

Handcannon: My personal favourite, basically a cannon in your hands. Primitive, with a pertty long reload, but hits hard. Will fling you back a bit when shot though.

Spike grenade: One in two chance of not detonating, which can amount to a one in two chance of death and/or glory.

Satchel: A bundle of dynamite with a SHORT timer. Blow doors up and stuff.


Short FAQ written by the original author.

Q: Why is your faction so underpowered? I keep losing.
A: It is not necessarily, though it certainly will be if you try to play it like classic cortex command. Focus on spawning units early on to make a defensive line. When your men die, instead of just buying new equipped soldiers, get cheap basic militia units and pick up the guns that are on the field.

Q: There's a hole in the ground. What do?
A: Concrete sprayer! I plan to make a faction version of it eventually, or some sort of bridge deploying mechanism. Maybe you could purchase an actor that is set to collide with friendlies and airdrop it from a balloon.

Q: Why are my plasma guns exploding?
A: This is intentional. You may have noticed that they are much more powerful than the other loyalist guns. There is a drawback, they sometimes explode at random. Inspired by wh40k.

Q: Why are my grenades NOT exploding?
A: Same as above. The grenades are dirt cheap but they malfunction all the time. They're sort of a waste of time at the moment. Subject to change.

Q: My units are randomly gibbing and doing weird things in general, what's up?
A: This is a MAJOR issue with this mod, unfortunately there is absolutely zip I can do about it. When the game's movable objects hit 255, everything goes haywire. The problem is that you will certainly be spawning an astronomical amount of militia men to make up for them being squishy as hell, so do expect to reach the MOID limit rather quickly, especially if you play against the spammier factions like Imperatus. I could write some code to delete your units if it hits the limit, but that would just be avoiding the problem. Please bug Data to fix this. AFAIK the only reason why this limit is even there is that the MOIDs are stored in an unsigned char.

Want to help out? Here is what the authors todo list was. Message me and what not, or leave a comment. Remember though, they are designed to be, and to look, weak. Nothing overpowered.
-More scenery
-Mortars/static artillery pieces
-Zeppelin (Probably to act like a dropship, but...a zeppelin.)
-Saber for commissar!
-Make officers and commissars useful somehow (considering a Lua morale system at the moment)
-A faction specific concrete sprayer?
-Something to counteract the lack of jumping that isn't giving them the ability to jump or have jetpacks.

Someone recommended a tank of sorts without weapons that can level and excavate terrain, lay bridges and spray material. I think thats a pretty good idea.

"For maximum effect, listen to Sabaton while your units are being shredded into tiny little red bits by coalition gatling guns." - OliveD, original creator.


Steam Workshop

Data Realms Fan Forums



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If anybody is deepley interested in this mod, I'm currently reworking and improving it with new content and code. I'll be posting some updates at the CC discord, and once it's finished I'll upload the reworked version here on separately :P

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