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All credit goes to Insano-Man, all I did was ask for permission to upload this.

The following is word for word from the Steam workshop page

IMWD is a highly advanced, highly aggressive military organization disguised as a ruthless private military company.

IMWD is a complete faction with a full list of weapons, actors, and its own unique teleportation delivery method.

Want more than just the basics? Visit IMWD's release topic on the Data Realms forum for the full story[].

Feature List

This mod has yet to be balanced for Build 30. Actors and weapons may not perform in combat situations as intended.

Full Faction
- Unique actors, weapons, delivery method, and full metagame compatibility.
- Works out of the box with Weegee's Unmapped Lands 2 and Void Wanderers activities.
- Packaged with faction file for Weegee's Dynamic Warfare activity.

- Lightfoot
Highly mobile footsoldier with a strong medkit.

- Rifleman
Durable infantryman with many armor components and a basic medkit.

- Field Operative
Strong commander with good armor and a basic medkit.

- AU140D Combat Drone
Extremely durable two-legged combat drone with scavenging systems, jumpjets, and built-in weapon systems.

- IM35L Sentry Gun
Thrown, short-lived sentry gun able to be carried by infantry.

- IM25R Pistol
General purpose sidearm with good stopping power and fast reload speed.

- IM15L Machine Pistol
Automatic sidearm with good stopping power and acceptable reload speed.

- IM30L Submachine Gun
Personal defense weapon with a large magazine and an incredible rate of fire.

- IM45R Assault Rifle
High-quality assault rifle with great stopping power and accuracy.

- IM120L Shotgun
Semiautomatic shotgun that can be converted between shot and slugs on the fly.

- IM85L Marksman Rifle
Fully automatic sniper rifle with good terrain penetration.

- IM85R Machine Gun
Extremely powerful suppressive fire weapon with an emphasis on static defense.

- IM35L Lobbed Sentry
Deploys the IM35L sentry gun detailed in the actors section.

- IM310D Grenade
Above average grenade that leaves a small patch of flame on detonation.

- IM810R Modular Demolition Weapon
Explosives launcher that can swap between missile racks and mortar racks as needed.

- SD75R First Aid Kit
Basic medkit that heals the user when held.
Can be equipped with a sidearm.

- SD100L Field Surgery Kit
Advanced medkit that heals at a faster pace than the SD75R.
Can be equipped with a sidearm.

- RD325U Mining Laser
Short range laser that can be used effectively as a close quarters combat weapon and general purpose entrenchment tool.

- Rucker Device Activation
Teleports the delivered items to a valid landing zone.
Causes damage to enemy units near the drop zone in proportion to their mass, as well as the mass of the objects being sent through the portal.
Refunds part of its cost upon delivery.

I make no promises that everything works as intended, as I have very limited knowledge of coding. I can confirm that it should at the very least load though.


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