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Hydro+: Water Mod for Cortex Command Community Project

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Hydro Tech will terraform your planet with water for only 1000 oz.

Hydro Plus is a greatly upgraded version of the hydro mod. It adds a lot of new things like graphical improvements, plants, terrain objects and some new enemies designed for underwater purposes.

Hydro plus also make the AI understand the laws of the water, so that they can enter your underwater stronghold. The new enemies are browncoat heavies with a smaller jet pack that walks on the bottom, and have some weapons that works well underwater.


To add water to your map you need to do it in these five steps.

1. Decide the water height of your water. Be aware that you can only have water at one contain altitude, to avoid that you destroy a wall and suddenly meet a vertical wall of water.

2. Place "Water Background Surface" at the chosen water height. If the "Water Background Surface" isn't deep enough you can use the "Water Background" were you need.

3. Place your bunkers and anything like that.

4. Place "Water Surface" at the chosen water height. Again if it isn't deep enough you always use the "Water Deep".

5. Place the "Water Element" at the chosen water height[/b][/color]. If you placed it wrong first time you can always just place it were it should have been, for free as a costumer service.


The mod as you can see also includes plants, shells and stalagmites. There is also a plant placer that places the plants for you it you are to lazy to do it yourself. To place the plant placer you need to place it anywhere at the water surface.


How to use the plant placer

After you've decided where the surface of your water is, you choose how many plants you will make. Either light, normal or dense. After that you place ONE plant placer light/normal/dense at the surface of the water.

Problems my occur if you've placed more than one (plants growing on top of each other)


The mod also includes terrain cutters to make caves and sand to make the bottom a bit more underwater'ish (and to greatly increase the look of your caves)


Mini tutorial how to swim.

Swim by pressing the direction you want to swim in.

If you want to swim faster you can crouch forward, then swim normal, crouch forward...

You can do this underwater too.

You can also use the crouch forward trick to dodge bullets.


Akblabla - Coding and the original mod that this was improved from. All thanks to him this awesome mod exists.
CrazyMLC - Old module icon
Numgun - Sprites and expanding the mod with various features.
Zalo - Some of his code from Lake Magilar mod was used to create this.

Tactical Yeti - Running it through the mod converter.




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