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Published by Plethora (mod ID: 1294703)


Created by burningsky25.

This map pack will be adding 13 different maps to your bunker breach AND Void Wanderers session! Plains, deserts, caves, mountains and the cityscape are featured in this pack, and it can be all yours for the low, low price of a few seconds of your time!

Bunker Breach is personally my favourite gametype, so I made a few of my own to spice things up a bit.
There's thirteen scenes included in this pack, more being added regularly.

Silverhill Stronghold:
A basic looping map with a heavily guarded base at the apex of the hill. Mostly contained underground with some decent open areas and of course a few snipers guarding the entrance.

Grasslands Garrison:
This one is a non-wrapping map with a small outpost and then farther on the real deal. This one is primarily above ground.

Lightbank Lair:
Some small outposts dotted along the surface with a much larger enemy center found below ground in the naturally occurring caves.

Bywater Barracks:
A mid-sized tower style base placed amidst rolling hills. Mostly close encounters as you wind back and forth up the tower, or hop in through a snipers hole.

Hemlock Hold:
A mid-sized fortification with some small houses. Snipers on the outskirts, base has a mix of mid-sized rooms and long hallways.

Bluffside Bastion:
Placed safely within the side of a mountain this is not as large as other strongholds, but not any less fierce for it. Consists of a mix of small and mid sized rooms.

Fangdor Fortress:
A heavily guarded base both outside and in. Interior consists mostly of a large winding room leading toward a brain safely placed at the peak.

Ramshackle Ridge:
Several snipers spread throughout the map, central base consists mostly of a single room packed with enemies. More than one way in for those who look.

Cliffside Camp:
Small to mid-sized base nestled in the canyon. Mostly close quarters engagements underground.

Weyton Watch:
Small base both above and under-ground. Mostly close quarters, some mid size engagements, contains some hidden alternate routes.

Three additional top notch maps contributed by LoPi - Tatuzudo.
Burraki Mining Outpost:
Small base situated at the peak of a small hill, mostly belowground. Built on custom terrain. Also contains hidden routes.

Mourning Hollow:
Non-looping map, mid-sized base concealed within a natural cave. Lots of open space as you weave through the large tunnel. Also built on custom terrain.

Hidden Reasearch Center:
Another base built within the confines of a tunnel, this one if anything somewhat larger. The base itself has lots of interesting engagments with varying and diverse rooms. Again, built on impressive custom terrain.

Let me know what's good what's bad, post what your favourite map is and why!

Note: if your hankering for some additional maps beyond this you really ought to go check this thread. It has some top notch stuff there that inspired me to make my own scenes!


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bb_pre4_1.0.3.zip398.04kbPre4 1.0.3

bb_pre4_1.0.2.zip303.31kbPre4 1.0.2

bb_pre4_1.0.1.zip299.05kbPre4 1.0.1


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TheMinerBoy65 @theminerboy65

Hey, Plethora! So I managed to make this mod work with the new bunker breach in version pre4.0, and I was wondering if you could let me upload this "updated" version here.

Flameport @flameport

i already have this mod what do i do?

TheMinerBoy65 @theminerboy65

I got these errors when I launched the game with this mod:
ERROR: Couldn't find the preset 'BB+.rte/Mourning Cave Terrain' accessed in BB+.rte/Scenes/Mourning Hollow.ini at line 23
ERROR: Couldn't find the preset 'BB+.rte/Burraki Mining Outpost Terrain' accessed in BB+.rte/Scenes/Burraki Mining Outpost.ini at line 23

Gotcha! @gotcha44

Just a note to say that these are fixed now. :)

TheMinerBoy65 @theminerboy65