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British Empire for Cortex Command Community Project

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Published by ComStar43 (mod ID: 1689471)


This somewhat small mod adds the historical British Empire (18th-19th Centuries) into the game. The faction is certainly weak compared to modern and even 20th-century factions (such as the Loyalists). Playing as these guys will be challenging as hell, yet it still makes for a great game.

- 4 Actors

- 5 Weapons (Plus 2 Grenade Things)

- 3 Equipment

Credit to the basis of most units goes to Nix's mod on Steam, and to Just Alex's Grand Guard mod for the code from the English flag item.

This mod will most certainly be updated, so let me know if there are any bugs or wanted features.





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gman_gordan @gman-gordan

how to download mods?

Gotcha! @gotcha44

Looking good! Now for a 17th century ship with a balloon for sails to drop these guys off.
I'd also buff the weapons: They're rather weak. Sure, technically they would be vs all these modern guns from vanilla and other mods, but as they are now they don't stand a chance against anyone.

ComStar43 @comstar43

I've been working on a ship already, so hopefully that'll be finished soon! For buffing the weapons a bit, that's probably a good idea. I'll do some testing for that today.