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Ballistic Weapons: Mercenaries for Cortex Command Community Project

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Created by numgun.

This mod is multifeatured and can be classified as a vast faction mod with GIGANTIC amounts of content, careful balancing and lots of detail. The final version of this modification is meant to bring Tournament style gameplay to Cortex Command besides the enormous faction portion. By "Tournament" I mean competitive game modes. Deathmatch to be exact.

If this is achieved, then I'll try to see if team based tournament matches are possible to make. And by team based, I mean Team Deathmatch and classic Capture The Flag game modes. I will need a lot of assistance on this since it requires Lua scripting and I only know little of Lua's incredible capabilities.

Every item has been carefully designed, balanced and made as detailed as possible while maintaining fluid gameplay and extreme fun.

This mod is a tribute to the master piece mod for Unreal Tournament named Ballistic Weapons, made by Runestorm. Massive credit and kudos to them for their work.

The detail and gameplay are so good that its almost unreal. They have heavily inspired me to recreate their amazing mod in a 2d environment.


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[ST]SGT.Shorty @stsgtshorty

It would be awesome to update this to 4.0
LOVE the suits.